Step by step Tutorial

For those who are new and want to start their mining experience with us, should watch the following "Step by step Tutorial" here.

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Owner side

To share your rigs with another person go to Sharing and click on Share my rigs.

Specify a fee % and select the rigs you are going to share with the manager

Finish by clicking on Share my rigs.

You will then receive a Hash code, which you are going to give to the manager so that he can accept your rigs.

Manager Side

To accept the rigs from the owner, you need to register the Hash code given to you, in the Sharings Menu, on Register Manager Key.

Once that is done, you will be able to manage the shared rigs for a small fee % .


The manager cannot change the pool definition of the owner (including the wallet). He has limitations in regards to the action he can apply on the managed rigs

Also you can check out the step by step tutorial on here.


All you need is a wallet for the coin you are trying to mine and some basic understanding of how it works. If you do not have a wallet, we would recommend to make an account on Poloniex for a wide selection.

Once you already have an account with us you have to start by burning the img file on your hdd, file that you can download from the download section in your dashboard. After this step proceed booting the rig and register it to the platform by using the license key shown on your rig screen. Once you completed this step you can go ahead and define the pools and assign them to your rig which will instruct it  to start mining.